Early Morning Session
7.30am-1.00pm: £32.00

Morning Session
8.30am - 1.00pm: £27.00

Afternoon Session
1.00pm - 5.30pm: £27.00

Early Start Full Day
7.30am – 5.30pm: £46.00

Regular Full Day
8.30 - 5.30pm: £42.00

Early Start/Finish Day
7.30am – 4.00pm: £40.00

Charge per Extra Hour:
£6.00 (subject to availability)

Breakfast Club
7.30am – 9.00am: £8.50

After-School Club
3.00pm - 5.30pm: £12.00

Holiday Club
8.30am – 5.30pm: £32.50

What’s included in your fees?

  • Homemade nutritious meals – a healthy breakfast, hot lunch and tea.
  • Specially adapted meals to respond to children’s dietary needs
  • All first baby food –vegetable, meat and fruit purees
  • Cows milk or alternative such as Soya or goats milk
  • All bibs and aprons for mealtimes and messy play
  • Bed linen for cots and pram blankets to go for walks
  • Suitable water and milk beakers for the children
  • 8 Weeks 'parents’ newsletters and regular updates about developments at Newry
  • A home from home environment where care of the highest quality is provided by team of dedicated and professional staff.

Child Care Vouchers

Child care vouchers allow you to pay nursery fees tax free from your salary. The money comes directly off your salary before deductions, giving you savings on tax and National Insurance contributions. You will then receive a voucher or e-voucher that is given to the nursery and is deducted from your bill. A number of childcare voucher providers offer this service to companies, and many now have online systems. Please ask your employer if this is a benefit they offer. We are registered with a number of voucher providers and are happy to sign with other agencies as used by your employer.

Tax Credits

If you receive tax credits the amount you are eligible for may be affected by using childcare vouchers. You can check whether you would be better off taking childcare vouchers through this free online calculator. Click here.

To find out more and see if you are eligible for assistance, please visit: Here or call the Tax Credit helpline on 0845 300 3900.



  • Provide an excellent level of care for your child
  • Private family run nursery in a home from home environment
  • Provide daily walks to the local beach, park when the weather permits
  • Provide healthy home cooked food with the weekly menus displayed on the noticeboard
  • Provide Regular trips to the zoo, farm etc
  • Provide guest speakers
  • Communicate bilingually
  • Take your child to and from school/Nursery subject to availability
  • Give varied activities to stimulate the mind
  • Provide a purpose built sleep room for you child to rest
  • DO NOT charge late pick up fees
  • Due to our excellent level of cleanliness we hold the highest score of 5 in Food Hygiene *****
  • We have a mixed age group of staff with different experiences and caring skills
  • Provide regular real life experiences for your child e.g shopping in the local supermarket, feeding the horses etc
  • We have Qualified Primary School Teachers to ensure your child's development needs are fully met
  • CCTV in all playrooms and outside areas to ensure your child is secure and safe at all times
  • Continue to receive excellent CSSIW reports for our annual inspections
  • Safe & Secure Outdoor play area with safety flooring