Baby Room

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Age 3 months – 18 months old

Our purpose built open plan Baby Room provides a calm and secure environment that babies need. Babies have a keyworker and follow their own feeding and sleeping routines in a cosy sleep room. Your child’s keyworker will carry out regular observations which will cover all areas of learning, recording special milestones and giving you something to keep and look back on at yoiur child’s time at nursery.

We have a wide selection of toys which have been specially chosen to promote your babies development, as well as being fun. Staff will help babies develop new skills by encouraging them in their first attempts at crawling, walking and of course talking. When you feel your baby is ready for Nursery Food, staff will offer suitably prepared meals in accordance with your wishes, in line with our policy of working in partnership with parents at all times.

Babies are taken for regular outings in our quad prams whenever weather permits, and staff also take the older children to the outside play area where they can 'watch and learn' from the older children. Older siblings are encouraged to visit the baby room throughout the day, and we find this particularly helps during the 'settling in' period. Parents are encouraged to bring their baby for short visits before starting nursery; since both babies and parents have varying needs when starting nursery for the first time, the manager will advise on these as the visits progress.

Toddler Room

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Age 18 months – 2 ½ years old

When your baby is about 18 months old he/she will move to this room depending of their development needs. Whilst maintaining a caring environment, every activity is a learning opportunity. Here toddlers have access to a range of toys designed to stimulate their imagination and offer plenty of scope to practice the new skills they are developing. They will always have access to construction toys and other equipment which helps develop fine motor skills, together with sand and water play, role play, messy play, mathematics and plenty of books, jigsaws and craft materials. Children will take their naps in the designated sleep room in line with their routine at home. Your child's nominated keyworker will work closely with you to ensure your child's sleep/routines mirror yours at home. They will also monitor your child's progress and development and record their findings in their own individual development chart. We have a qualified Primary School Teacher who has the knowledge and experience to ensure your child's development needs are fully met.

Toddlers like to move around a lot, so garden play is very important, and children are taken outside as much as possible, where they can ride bikes and run about. They will also enjoy regular outings to the local park and beach.

Pre-school Room

preschool room

2 ½ years through to 4 years old

In the pre-school room we have children from the ages of 2 ½ years through to 4 years old. Education today encourages 'learning through play' and we endeavour to offer the children activities and experiences that give them plenty of opportunity to explore their environment with lots of enjoyment being the emphasis. Activities in this room are focused around the following areas of play: Role play, Small world, Circle Time, construction, Play and Music etc. We have a primary school teacher based on this floor to ensure children are ready for the transition from Nursery to school.

As we follow the Foundation Phase children have free access to choose the activities they want to do, we also base our planning around the interests of the children and build on the knowledge that they already have.

We believe that children learn best through gaining first hand experiences and opportunities to discover the world around them. We are lucky enough to be based in a coastal area and regularly take the children to the local beach for an ice cream. We try to make use of these areas as often as possible and also go for Wellie Walks, picnics and Nature Walks.

During school holidays we take the children on trips around the local area, we have visited the RSPB Centre in Conwy, Anglesey Sea Zoo, Foel Farm, and also worked with the National Wildlife trust to go on Nature walks.

Activities include:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Role Play
  • Cooking Sessions
  • Outdoor Play
  • Circle Time
  • Story Time at the Library
  • Messy play


Outdoor Play

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Fresh air and outdoor play are very important factors in the care provided at Newry Nursery. The children are given daily opportunities to go for walks with the staff, take part in structured outdoor activities and free play. A full risk assessment is carried out for all outdoor activities and we provide suitable clothing and footwear for outdoor play e.g wellingtons, waterproof dungarees, trousers and raincoats.

Our Outdoor play provides children with a safe and stimulating area full of sand, water, flower bouncers, wobbly bridge and small ride on toys. Safety flooring is fitted to ensure your children are kept safe from slips and falls.
Children take part in activities such as planting flowers, fruit and vegetables and chalking on the black boards.

Both children and staff like taking up the challenge of crossing the wobbly bridge and balancing beam!! The children usually win!

This area is covered by our CCTV and is in a secure location.