"I would just like to say how very happy my husband and I are with our son's time at the Newry Nursery. We were amazed at how quickly he settled into the calm and gentle setting and the overall atmosphere was one of quietly buzzing play and learning, though I'm sure they do have their nosier times! The staff give the general impression of loving their jobs and especially the children and we would highly recommend this nursery to anyone wanting high quality nursery care." Mr & Mrs H

"The childcare that our twins have received is second to none. As parents we are able to leave our children knowing we have peace of mind. The staff and general ethos in the Nursery is fantastic!" Rachel Hanney – Poppy & Oscar's Mum

"I could not be happier that I chose this Nursery for my daughter Millie. She has settled in really well and is very happy there. I think al the staff are brilliant and would (and already have) recommend Newry nursery to anyone. Thankyou for providing such perfect childcare!" Jenny Murphy – Millie's Mum

"Having experienced other Nurseries and my daughter's reaction, I was so delighted at how well she has settled at Newry Nursery and obviously loves being there and is flourishing. All credit to Alex, Melissa and the rest of the staff, they are doing a fantastic job." Mrs Carr

"I have been thrilled with the care my son has received at Newry Nursery. He is treated as an individual and the time and effort that the staff have put into getting to know he has amazed me. He has developed immensely since starting and always has a new word or phrase when I collect him. He was a very clingy baby and no-one ever thought I'd peel him away from me but he has loved Newry Nursery from the first visit and on nursery mornings finds his slippers, demands 'toast' and marches to the car! I would never send him anywhere else." Mr & Mrs T

"I have 2 children at the Nursery and they both love going. My youngest took a while to settle as sh is breastfed but the Nursery were so patient and accomodating and made the transition easy for us all. The standard of cleanliness is excellent. The food is nutritious , delicious and varied. My son loves learning welsh songs and has really become confident with other children. They both adore their keyworkers. It makes going out to work so much easier when I know they are being cared for at the highest standard." Elaine & Chris - Oliver & Amelia's Parents

"There isn't one thing I could fault the staff or nursery on. I worked in another local Nursery some years ago, before I had my boys and to be honest it put me off ever putting my boys in a nursery, but meeting the staff and seeing Newry Nursery has more than restored my faith. I feel very priveliged that my boys had a place with the nursery, and thankful to you for giving them and me a chance, you have all been so nice. Congratulations on being the best childcare provider in my opinion around, many people are singing your praises especially me." Kelly Knight

"As a first time mother I was obviously nervous about leaving my daughter in someone elses care. I should'nt have worried, Lauren has thrived at the Nursery. The staff are fantastic and Lauren always comes home bouncing after another good day at Nursery. I have already recommended Newry Nursery to friends and family." Gemma Williams

"Jessica loves coming to Nursery, she has settled in so quickely and is at ease and very happy being dropped off with the staff whom are all very caring and approachable. Jess babbles on when we pick her up, we dont know what she is trying to tell us about her day with you!! but shes definately happy! Jess is thriving in your care in all aspects of her development"  Paul & Susan Taylor – Jessica's Mum & Dad

"In my opinion the nursery is fantastic my daughter settled straight away, all the staff are friendly, home cooked meals, lots of activities for the children what more can the children ask for? I can go to work with peace of mind my daughter is safe and well looked after and she is very happy." Anerys Owen – Kloe's Mum

"I have not visited the website properly yet, but the care my child receives at the Nursery is excellent, Olivia is always happy after her day there and loves to tell me about all she has done on our way home." Thankyou C Hughes – Olivia's Mum

"I would like to thank all the staff at Newry Nursery for all the care and attention my little boy gets. Since he has been going to the Nursery he has come on so well with his speech and everything else. He really enjoys going to the Nursery, he's happy when I leave him and happy when I pick him up. They do so many things with them it's just so good, he really enjoys it." Vicky – Cian's Mum

"A warm, friendly, home from home Nursery with the most friendly and dedicated staff. I really feel at ease going to work knowing that Farren is well looked after. Since attending the Nursery, Farren has developed considerably."  Alex Carey – Farren's Mum

"Grayson always has a smile on his face from when I drop him off in the morning to picking him up in the evening, he is cared for like a child of their own, always plenty to report on his day and there is constant support through different stages teething/weening etc Cannot praise the ladies at the Nursery enough for making me feel at ease that Grayson is well looked after and happy." Thankyou Karen Roberts – Grayson's Mum

We are extremely happy with the care and attention Liam receives at the Nursery. He settled in quickely. all the staff are friendly, enthusiastic and caring. It is lovely to have the confidence that Liam is very well cared for and entertained whilst we are at work and even lovlier to have that confirmed when we pick him up and he is full of smiles and energy, clearly having had a good day." Graham & Donnette – Liam's Mum

"Jess has been at the creche since almost the beginning and we have seen improvements in her development compared to the previous creche. The creche has maintained a high standard of house keeping and a fresh and airy environment. Very pleased with the homemade menu and daily reports although a bit vague with some new developments e.g new words, actions etc. Jess loves going to 'school' and it shows. Could'nt be happier. Keep up the good work!!" - Jessica's Mum & Dad

Before we placed our sons into Newry Nursery we were given the opportunity to view the facilities and the staff, which was very reassuring for us. The boys were already very settled and happy and we were changing to another Nursery because of work and school runs. We were naturally very keen to place our sons were we knew the quality of care would make the move as smooth as possible without unsettling them. Newry Nursery gave us absolutely no cause for concern since, for the boys, it was as though the transistion had never happened. They settled in and made new friends in no time and this is due to the professionalism of the Newry staff and the care and love they show to the children they look after. We have found the staff not only helpful but friendly. Newry's philosophy is to look after the children in their care the way they would their own and they live up to it in every way. We are very happy in the way our boys are cared for at Newry and we would recommend it to anyone without hesitation." - Richard & Raquel Brennan

"Every child is treated as an individual, in a loving home from home environment. Thank you all" Steph – Rocco's Mum

"Newry Nursery has played a big part in my child's development & confidence, my child is happy and content at nursery and thoroughly enjoys going there every day. The staff are special and dedicated to each child's individual needs- highly recommend to anyone. The staff work hard to provide a high standard of care so that both children and parents feel happy.
Our child loves nursery, he is always full of smiles coming from there. They have a huge range of bright toys and the daily routine is varied with free play, walks, singing etc. All the staff are very loving and kind. He is developing well and is challenged to further develop his skills at nursery." - Claire – Bobby's Mum

"Finn absolutely loves nursery and the carers that mind him there. After just a few weeks in Newry nursery Finn's social skills have developed drastically, he is now an outgoing very lively baby. It is a great nursery with great staff, Thankyou. Newry Nursery Staff are fantastic and make the effort to build great relationships with children & parents. I am happy knowing that my children are being well looked after, having fun, learning & playing with people that they love while I am working. Thank you all so much" - Jadyce – Finn & Nevaeh's Mum

"I am more than happy with the care my daughter receives at nursery. The management are always willing to help and I am happy that I can speak to them about anything. I am so grateful for the amazing care my daughter receives at nursery, thank you so much." Holly – Miley's Mum

"I am so pleased with all the hard work and effort that is put into the running of the nursery. From the cleanliness, meals provided, activities planned and staff interaction. Both my girls love going and definitely thrive off the time spent there. All staff are eager to help with sound advice. Thank you" - Rachel – Isabelle & Amelia's Mum