What are your opening Hours?

The nursery is open between the hours of 07.00am and 6pm – Monday to Friday. Currently we run full day or half day sessions. Our morning session is 7.30am – 1pm and our afternoon session is 1pm – 5.30pm.

What must my child bring to nursery?

We ask that you bring the following items appropriate for your child into nursery in a named bag:

  • Change of clothes
  • Wellies
  • Winter hat, gloves, and scarf
  • Sun hat and sun cream
  • Two spare pairs of pants
  • Nappies, Wipes & Cream
  • Slippers
  • Bottles which are clearly labelled
  • Comforter

My child is not used to being away from parents or family. How will you settle him in?

We invite all new children in for visits to the nursery and also a home visit from the child's keyworker who will bring toys from the nursery with them. The process of settling in is very individual depending on the child's confidence levels. Parents are welcome to stay with their child initially, then gradually leaving them for increasing periods of time.

My child has a special dietary requirement. How will this be catered for?

Our in house cook will obtain all the necessary information that you initially provide the child's keyworker. The menu that would be offered to the child would be fully agreed with the parents, recorded in the kitchen and communicated to all the staff working with the child. All children's eating habits are recorded daily on the diary sheet for parents to see.

Can I come and have a look around the nursery? Do I have to make an appointment?

In order for us to ensure the manager has plenty of time to speak with prospective parents we do ask that an appointment is made to view the nursery.

Is it too early to book a place for my baby?

It's never too early to book your childcare so the earlier the better! it also gives you peace of mind that things are organised for you when you have to finally go back to work.

Are the children taken out of the nursery for outings?

Providing you consent the children are taken for walks around the surrounding area. Consent is sought when you register your child in the nursery where you will sign a consent form.

Will I be charged Late Pick Up Fees as I could be caught in traffic etc?

No, at Meithrinfa Nursery we understand that parents can be running late and as long as this is not a regular occurrence there are no late charges.

Do you take Childcare Vouchers?

Nursery voucher schemes are increasingly being introduced by employers which has Tax and National Insurance benefits for parents, we are happy to participate in such schemes in payment of nursery invoices. We are currently registered with many scheme providers such as Kiddi Vouchers, Edenred, Compushare and Kids Unlimited, however we are happy to register with others if required.

Do you charge by the hour?

At Meithrinfa Newry Nursery the majority of staff are full-time to provide consistency for your child, therefore we do not charge hourly rates only per session or day. We also take the children out for walks as much as possible weather permitting and this would make it difficult if parents were picking children up at different hourly times. In emergencies we do offer extra hours and often help our parents with childcare if they have appointments etc.

What happens if my child is not well?

It is sometimes unavoidable that small children will contract all kinds of minor infections. For a speedy recovery and to prevent other children from falling ill, children who are very unwell must stay at home. If the illness is infectious, we'll need a doctor's note confirming that your child is no longer contagious. A list of our Exclusion Periods For Infectious Disease Cases and Contacts are listed in a copy of a Nursery Information booklet that you will receive on registration and there is also a copy in the reception area. We ask that you provide us with the medication to treat Conjunctivitis before we can accept your child in the nursery. Don't worry about coughs and colds or other minor ailments, we are well used to these.

Can I get help towards paying my childcare costs?

Working Tax Credit

Parents may be entitled to working tax credit to help with their childcare fees.

Working tax credit is paid to those who work, but are on low income. You will need to check if you qualify, and then apply for Working Tax Credits. www.uk-tax-credits.com